PHILADELPHIA: Bennison' Lawyer Files for Dismissal Citing Statute ...

Register now for more content and features!! Dr. Dr. PHILADELPHIA: Bennison's Lawyer Files Motion for Dismissal Citing Statute of Limitations. Bennison Blasted by Church Attorney for Failure to Protect VictimDay Four of the Ecclesiastical Trial of PA Bishop Charles E. BennisonBy David W. 6/12/2008Lawyers for Charles E. Bennison, the inhibited Bishop of Pennsylvania, filed a motion arguing that the trial against him should be declared null and void saying the Statute of Limitations has been violated because of "half truths and factual inaccuracies alleged in the Presentment."James Parabue, Bennison's attorney walked across the courtroom, at the conclusion of the trial Thursday, and presented the court with a 22-page document claiming that the Presentment against Bishop Bennison for Conduct Unbecoming a Member of the Clergy was "within, or continued up to, ten years immediately preceding the time of receipt of a Charge.""This belated attempt by political for...
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